Overreactions in 3, 2, 1, …

Not exactly unexpectedly, though probably more extreme than anybody would have thought, Islamist (most likely according to the reports) terror has once again reached returned to Europe. In the worst attack since the 2004 train bombing in Spain, around 140 people were killed last night in multiple attacks in Paris, with around 100 alone at the site of a concert. From first reports, even an attack at the stadium that at the time had the France-Germany soccer match was likely, though seems to have been prevented by stadium security – unimaginable how high the death toll and wounded may have turned out in a place with 80000 spectators.
Surviving witnesses quote the attackers saying this was a reaction to France’s involvement in Syria, where french troops are fighting alongside a coalition of nations against ISIS. I reckon this is quite likely.First of all, my thoughts and sympathy are with the victims, their family and friends.That being said, I dare a couple predictions. Mostly for Germany, but also for Europe.On Saturday, German politicians will reassure that of course Germany is safe, German police and security has everything under control, nothing will have to be feared. Of course the deeds of the religiously motivated madmen will be condemned as a barbaric act, and everything has to be done to hold the ones responsible accountable.By the beginning of the week, even though the politicians stated there is no cause for concern, steps will be taken to tighten security. Which is ironical, as police and government are already tightly stretched trying to take care of the hundreds of thousands refugees from the middle east.What most likely will also happen is that the refugees present and arriving  in Europe and Germany will have to face an even bigger amount of animosity towards them. Apart from the nationalistic nuts that have already gained momentum with the ever rising number of people arriving in Germany and Europe over the last couple months, even some of the ones being pro-refugees or at least neutral may be swayed by the events of last night, putting the people FLEEING from the terrors of ISIS and civil war on the same level with those CAUSING those terrors. Also, attempts to redistribute the growing number of people among European countries will results in even more opposition than it already has in the past. So much for compassion and cooperation.

Also, in short term, I expect (once again – see the US after 9/11) some laws that haven’t had a chance to get approved before to reappear and be passed, further limiting personal liberties. Crisis has always been a good time to do that, squashing opposing forces with reference to what has happened. And, as always, swift reactions to current events barely ever are measured reactions. Just recently, Germany already reinstated its data retention laws, and even with slight changes it still means they are a strong intrusion in personal privacy and freedom. With the attacks in Paris, they may yet again be broadened in an attempt to console the public that the politicians are doing „their job“ to protect them.

No, you are not!

Personal safety and security does not mix with personal freedom. And whatever measures you may want to impose on the country, it will never stop terrorist and/or extremist attacks. It hasn’t worked in France (where some of the strongest data retention laws and stronger police and military presence have neither stopped the Charly Hebdo attacks, nor yesterday’s attacks), it didn’t work in the UK with its almost ever-present video surveillance, and it won’t anywhere else. No level of technical surveillance, and no level of police presence can and will safeguard a nation from 100% of the threats.

Adversely, you are extinguishing the very thing religious extremists and terrorists hate and fight: freedom and privacy. That is the real issue at hand. You – the politicians – will never manage to keep everybody safe all the time. You can’t, and you’re not expected to.

Also, I despise you instrumentalizing the tragedy that has happened to all those people in Paris in order to abuse your power over the people that have voted you into office! Even worse, by taking steps that will do only harm to said people, no good! You’re supposed to protect the constitution of our country, and ensure we are FREE, but not instate placebo laws to keep the low-IQ-portion of the nation calm.

None the less, it will happen, though I might be off by a couple of days or weeks. It may also take another attack or two. But laws will be passed, and the majority of the people will be satisfied, giving up their freedoms willingly in order to be „safe“ from the terrorist attacks. If nothing happens, obviously the actions were a success. If something happens, obviously not enough has been done, so more steps need to be taken.

F’ing idiots!!!


Not even 24 hours have passed since the attack, and already German police is reacting – as expected. The vice chief of the German police union has demanded an extension of the data retension laws. Because they obviously have worked SO WELL for the French … 😦


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