Xenophobia from the pulpit

Disclaimer: I have tried to translate the original German lines from the Report and Mr. Algermissen’s sermon as close to their intended meaning as possible. When in doubt, check the original report in German linked to in this post.

It‘s not a new fact that the church – especially the catholic church – is somewhat arrogant and presumptuous. Apart from historic events like sale of indulgences, crusades, the inquisition, and – somewhat more recently – abuse of children by church „dignitaries“. And that‘s only the catholic church. For now, I’ll just stick to them (for obvious reasons). With its track record, one would think they ought to weigh their words a bit more. But then, that gets us back to the “arrogant” part. If your resident boss is the only infallible human being on earth, something like this can easily happen …


#Brexit – are you really surprised?

This blog post is addressed to two groups of people …

Number one
, the „ruling elite“ politicians who were – and are – the pro-Europe people. I ask you:

Are you really surprised?

For years, more like decades, you along with others have been complaining about the EU.

Of the 28 countries that up to now made up the EU, you were the one that kept on complaining, even with getting special treatment at so many occasions (starting with Maggie Thatcher way back when), putting less than your fair share into the community money pot, demanding „opt-in“ and „opt-out“ rights for decisions that all other countries carried out (albeit with the bit of complaining here or there, but sticking to it anyway). You continued to complain.


Fremdenhass von der Kanzel

This article is available in English.

Dass die Kirche – insbesondere die Katholische – oftmals ein „wenig“ überheblich und anmaßend ist, ist nicht wirklich neu. Historische Dinge wie Ablasshandel, Kreuzzüge und Inquisition, und – etwas Aktueller – Vertuschung von Missbrauchsfällen von Kindern und Jugendlichen durch „Würdenträger“ der Kirche. Und dabei sind das nur einige Punkte der katholischen Kirche. Andere Religionen mal außen vor gelassen. Vor dem Hintergrund sollte man meinen, dass man mit Äußerungen ein wenig vorsichtiger sein sollte. Aber damit wären wir wieder bei „überheblich“. Wenn man den einzig „unfehlbaren“ Menschen auf Erden auf seiner Seite und als Chef hat, passiert das schon mal…


Overreactions in 3, 2, 1, …

Not exactly unexpectedly, though probably more extreme than anybody would have thought, Islamist (most likely according to the reports) terror has once again reached returned to Europe. In the worst attack since the 2004 train bombing in Spain, around 140 people were killed last night in multiple attacks in Paris, with around 100 alone at the site of a concert. From first reports, even an attack at the stadium that at the time had the France-Germany soccer match was likely, though seems to have been prevented by stadium security – unimaginable how high the death toll and wounded may have turned out in a place with 80000 spectators.

Who is worse – Catholics or ISIS?

In the course of some discussions on a recent podcast, an intriguing mention got me thinking … not really a new idea, but …

The christian church’s – well, mostly, the Catholic Church – stance on contraception isn’t new. Preventing a pregnancy for them is sort of like murder. Even if there is no person (with how broad a definition of „person“ you want to work) whom you could murder. Murder. Premeditated Murder. Which is why especially in Africa, with its overpopulation (compared to the scarcity of food and clean water) and in the last 30+ years HIV/AIDS, most rationally thinking people have or would criticize the policy against any kind of contraception.

The comment in the podcast on who killed more people, the Pope (as Catholicism’s worldly leader) or ISIS, had me wonder about some numbers … and I wasn’t really surprised by what I was able to find …


Und wieder einmal ist ein Bauernopfer zu beklagen …

Das hat ja mal nicht lange gedauert … kaum waren die Ermittlungen der Bundesanwaltschaft mit deren Leitfigur Generalbundesanwalt Range gegen die Betreiber der Plattform netzpolitik.org bekannt geworden, schwappten die Wellen der Empörung hoch – sicherlich zu recht, und ebenso sicherlich eigentlich noch nicht hoch genug. Nachdem sich alle Beteiligten (also Maaßen als der den Stein ins Rollen gebracht habende, Range, sowie Minister Maas als Range’s „Vorgesetztem“) angesichts der Empörung der Öffentlichkeit verteidigt und die Schuld einem der anderen zugewiesen hatten, ging Range mit seiner Verteidigung wohl etwas weit – für Maas zu weit.